January 6,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha folks! Inflation is in full force and both craters(Halemaumau and Pu’u O’o) Lava lake levels is on a rise. Lava levels at Halemaumau crater had rose just beneath the inner ledge of the crater but did not over flow. Halemaumau crater seems to be really active at this time. As for Pu’u O’o crater, On the thermal webcam that the HVO geologists provide for the public to see, the Lava lake remained really active and also there were some short flows spurred up on the crater floor. This Inflation will spur up activity on the coastal plains and the ocean entry.

As for our tours, Lava presented itself just above the ocean entry. Lava flows on the surface were easy to approach and were incredible. But after a long deflation episode flows were slow. With Inflation now, the flows will be in full force tonight. The ocean entry was still active and flowing but because of long term deflation, the we could see a significant change. At the end of the night on our last tour, our guides have reported that activity was getting better. That reason in because the huge Inflation that have started. Right now would be the perfect time to book a tour. Hope to see you soon. Mahalo!

January 5,2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Our Guided Lava Tour yesterday went extremely well. All of our tours were able to see and view beautiful flows on the coastal plains ad also at the ocean entry. Lava levels at the summit f Halemaumau crater and at Pu’u O’o crater had rose last night because of sudden Inflation. Inflation had occurred at 11:00am yesterday. After a long term of Deflation for almost 6 days, finally we have inflation. That would mean more Lava is entering the tube systems at this time and also making it’s way to the coastal plains in the next couple days.

As for our tours last night, the Lava flows were still active on the coastal plains and the ocean entry. The surface active were just above the ocean entry. Breakouts were easy to view and very approachable. All of guests again were extremely happy. Surface activity were everywhere and had no sign of slowing down. With this inflation at the summits, Lava activity will be really good in the next few days. As for the ocean entries. There were approximately 3 different locations. All were visible and easy to see. What a incredible night. Aloha and hopefully we see you on our tour soon. Mahalo!


January 4th, 2012 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Deflation is still happening at this time. But Lava is still very active on the coastal plains and also at the ocean entry. Ongoing deflation has been going on for almost 6 days now and the Lava lake in Halemaumau crater has dropped significantly in the past 5 days. The lava lake level is well beneath the inner ledge of the crater. Also at Pu’u O’o crater, the Lava lake there has been still active on the HVO webcams. Pu’u O’o crater also has been seeing deflation for almost 6 days. Inflation will be happening soon though. A strong earthquake has occurred this morning at 4:30a.m. The earthquake measured up to 4.4 on the scale. This occurrence could be related to the strong deflation we been having.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

As for our tours. The Lava activity was still high. Our guests were treated to some beautiful flows on the surface and as well as an ocean entry. Our guests were extremely happy with the results even though the strong deflation happening at this moment. Many surface flows could be safely approachable last night. As for the ocean entries, Lava viewing was perfect. Many different rivers of Lava entered the ocean. Nice A’a flows to beautiful Pahoehoe flows also. Our guest were happy. Come and join us. Aloha

Januar 03, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Gang! Today marks the 30th year anniversary of the eruption of Kilauea Volcano. That’s right Kilauea has been erupting since January 03, 1983. This past year, lava flows destroyed the last remaining residents home in the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision on March 02, 2012. The last house, which was not occupied was destroyed in late September as the current flow was advancing down the hill through remaining portions of the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision.This would bring the number of structures destroyed by lava since January 03, 1983 to 215.

Although the lava flows have destroyed many structures, the lava has also created more land making the Big Island bigger. The ocean entry is the reason for the island getting bigger and tonight’s ocean entry was very active. There were many fingers of lava that were making their way into the ocean making for a spectacular view. The surface flows nearby were also very active and two of our groups were able to view the surface flow make it’s way over the cliff edge into the ocean. The surface flow up on the Pali has stalled out and is no longer visible. Very good activity despite the ongoing deflation, so book your tour to experience this phenomenon at you fingertips. Aloha!


January 2, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Everyone and Happy New Year! Tonight there was a lot of activity with surface flows and ocean entry visible. The ocean entry is very active and our guests were very happy with the view that they got. Up on the Pali the surface flow located towards the top of the abandoned Royal Gardens Subdivision is still visible from the field as well as from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area.

Graph of tilt at Uwekahuna and Pu`u `Ō `ō tiltmeter stations, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai`i

The tilt meter, which can be found on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website (www.hvo.wr.usgs.gov), is still recording an ongoing deflation. Despite this deflation there was a lot of lava to be seen in both the surface flows and the ocean entry. The weather was good except for a little bit of rain. There is still good activity to be seen. Until tomorrow, Aloha!

December 29 and 30, 2012 Guided Lava Hikes

Aloha and Happy New Years folks! We did not do any tours on New Years eve and New Years day, but will resume on January 2nd, 2013. The surface activity had slowed a little since the past week, but the ocean entry had increased in activity. The tiltmeter is currently recording an ongoing deflation, but there is still lava to be seen, whether it be surface flows or ocean entry. Up on the pali, there are still surface flows to be seen near the top of the remainder of the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. This flow on the pali can be seen from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area and was visible for the past week and a half. Overall activity is good, so book your tour now. Aloha!