February 02, 2013 – Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Folks! The activity that we are seeing out at the flow field is going very well. We are seeing good surface flows and good ocean entry at this time. The tiltmeter is currenty recording  an ongoing inflation at Halemaumau and a slight DI deflation at Pu’u O’o. The tiltmeter records the DI inflation and deflation at Pu’u  O’o and Halemaumau crater. At night the glow from Pu’u O’o can be seen slightly  and there is a bright glow near the base of the Pali. This bright glow is nice surface flow that has been at the base of the Pali for approximately 2 weeks. There are surface flows that are visible and we were able to get up close to them safely. The ocean entry still has multiple entry points.

Last night we had a tour with a film crew and we hired a Private Helicopter to do it. After getting all the required paperwork in order, we met the pilot near our office along with the film crew. The whole crew was flown out and they did their shoot after being at the lava for some time. The helicopter was a quick tour and the few trips that it had was finished quickly. Lots of great activity at this time. Till next time, Aloha

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