February 02,2013 Guided Lava Walk Update

Aloha! Very steady fluctuations at the summit of Kilauea made the ocean entry and surface activity just above the coast very active. At Halemaumau crater,the Lava lake has been high for the past few days with some periods of over flowing the inner ledge of the crater. The tilt meter had recorded steep fluctuations with each deflation a steep inflation occurred with in 24 hours. This events has made LAVA viewing exciting and awesome. At Pu’u O’o crater, Spattering at the northeast cone and also the south cone remain active also. Lava flows had over flowed both spattering sources and flowed onto the crater floor. The North flank breakouts have flowed North of the crater and remained flowing towards the North towards the Town of Pahoa. This flows has not pose any threat to any homes yet but this flows is almost 1 1/2 miles away from the crater. A nice sky light could be seen north of the crater just next to the spattering cone and LAVA lake. Pu’u O’o is very active at this time.

As far as our tours, Our guided Lava Tour was amazing and incredible again. Lava could be seen flowing into the sea in a few different entry points. That was awesome but the surface activity was impressive. To view Lava flowing right at your feet in big shelfs moving at a time is awesome. And also to view both points of Lava at one time(Ocean entry and Surface flows) were perfect. The weather held up and made viewing perfect. Book a tour now while Lava is Hot. ALOHA!

This is a Photo of our private tour with W magazine from New York. We would like say a big Mahalo to David Okita(Pilot). This pilot is the best on the island and credentials and the authority to land anywhere on the island. Getting the approval from civil defense and the property owners made this tour possible. Mahalo!

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