February 04,2013 Guided Lava Walk Update

Aloha everyone! Inflation and Deflation at the same time makes activity unusual. Heavy Inflation at Halemaumau crater shows that the Lava reservoir beneath Kilauea has been filling up and remained full. The Lava lake at Halemaumau crater has rose above the inner ledge of the crater and the glow of the crater is high at this time. At Pu’u O’o crater, it is the completely the opposite. Pu’u O’o crater tilt meter has recorded on going deflation. The Lava lake in Pu’u O’o still remained high and active with spattering from two sources in the crater. A south spattering cone which this cone has minor spattering and lava flows over spilling the cone and flowed on to the crater floor and a northeast cone which is the most active. The cause of deflation could be because of many breakouts happening close to the crater. There is a North flow which is stretching from the crater just about 1 1/2miles and flowing north towards the town of Pahoa but poses no threat to the town. But that flow has beenĀ  very active also. Then there is a huge breakout just east of the crater between Pu’u O’o and Royal Gardens subdivision. This flow could be seen from a helicopter tour. The glow from this flow could be seen from the coastal plains and then theĀ  the coastal flows have also been very active. This could be the reason of massive deflation. Many flows at one time from Pu’u O’o crater.

As for our Guided Lava tours, the ocean entry views were awesome. 5 different ocean entries and all 5 were visible for our guests. A nice surface flow could be witnessed up close and personal. Lava flows were wide spread but easy to get to. The surface activity has been active for he past week which is awesome. All of our guests were extremely happy. Book a tour now while the Lava is flowing. Aloha and have a great day.

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