February 07,2013 Guided Lava Walk Update

Aloha everyone!Our Guided Lava Tour last night was awesome. We were able to view both types of flows. Ocean entry and a beautiful surface flow which we could safely approach. The surface flows were located just above the ocean entry just about 100 meters. Little rivers of Lava and slow flowing pillowy¬† Lava was able to be witnessed on the flow field. At the ocean entry, the flows were steady and active. A little slow but still an awesome sight. 5 entry points could be visible last night. The most eastern flow started to create a Lava bench because of a steady tube system being fed by Pu’u O’o crater. Lava also could be seen cascading down the sea cliff and entered the ocean from our viewing point. All of our guests were happy. Come join our tour and feel the heat right next to your feet. Aloha!


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