February 16,2013 Lava Hike Update

Aloha again! Our Lava Hike last night was awesome as ever. There were many surface activity that we could safely approach which is rear right now and also a ocean entry that we haven’t seen in a very long time. When arriving to the surface activity we have notice an increase in area that the surface flows have been flowing in. The area was approximately 300meters wide of surface breakouts everywhere. These surface activity ranged from little pahoehoe breakouts to massive rivers of LAVA stretching to the sea. These flows were easy to view and also safe to view from a close distance which was awesome. All of our guests were extremely happy. As for the ocean entry, we haven’t seen something like what we have seen on our tour for a very long time. Our guests and also guides had witnessed the incredible LAVA hose entry. What happened was one of the Lava delta had  collapsed and it had created a Lava water hose effect. The flow looked like a huge water hose made of Lava spewing into the ocean. We call that a LAVA hose. This phenomenon has rarely happen in the past. And all of our guests were able to view this event which was cool. So book a tour now while the Lava is still flowing. ALOHA and have a great day.




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