February 22, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Hope everyone is staying dry. Last night’s tour was an extremely wet one as the weather was not the best. There was a lot of white out, caused by the excessive amount of rainfall. This white out obstructed our view of ocean entry lava, so we went further back to view it from a different angle. Good move. What we saw was a nice ocean entry dripping onto a newly formed black sand beach. The sight was breathtaking. We would catch glimpses of this phenomenon clearly as the steam moved with the wind. Our guests were very happy despite the early shower. We then moved on to view surface flows, which warmed us up. A surface flow was happening just outside of the steam line that we were able to safely get up to. Just inside the steam line we could see a river of lava as the steam cleared from time to time. Awesome flow!

Tonight’s tour was cancelled due to the continuous rainfall. The continuous amount of excessive rainfall makes for dangerous conditions. We will possibly resume tomorrow if the weather allows it. Stay dry folks, Aloha!

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