February 24, 2013 Guided Lava Hikes/Tours

Aloha Gang! Our groups had an amazing night with surface flows and ocean entries to see. Both of these were very active. There were multiple ocean entry points along a 1/4 mi stretch of coastline and all could easily be seen. The surface flows were very active as well. There were a few different spots that we were able to safely get close to surface flows at. The weather was also very nice with clear skies and a full moon as well. The full moon lit everything up and the landscape did indeed look very lunar. The surface of the lava takes on a kind of silvery, moist sheen when the full moon lights it up. Up on the Pali, there was no visible surface flow, but at the base of the Pali there was what seemed to be a river of lava that had broken out on the side of the lava tube system. All in all, a beautiful night and we even got to see a night rainbow!. Till next time, Aloha and A Hui Hou!


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