February 27,2013 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Lava flows entering the ocean has been very active because of the ongoing Inflation at the summit of Kilauea. Halemaumau crater has been experiencing these long term inflation pretty often. These steady inflations, but yet quit small, has been sending some incredible flows on the coastal plains. At Pu’u O’o crater, the Lava lake on the northeastern part of the crater has been rising and falling with each DI event. The activity there has been increasing with these steady Inflation events. Lava flows north of the crater about 1 1/2 miles has still been really active and still flowing north along side the 2007-2008 flow field. The glow from these flows high over the Pali could be seen from the coastal plains.Also flows just above the Royal Gardens Subdivision has been active still. These flows are approximately 4 miles away from the ocean and is just about at the 1600ft elevation level.

As for our Guided Lava Tours, the ocean entry had put out a show for our guests. At the ocean entry, they’re were multiple entries which our guests could view safely and close. Little rivers with some Lava explosions were witnessed by our tour groups.  There were also some surface activity which our groups could get up to and roast a marshmallow. The surface activity were easy to view and safely approachable. The guided Lava Tour adventure is the most popular activity there is on the island. Come with us on our next hike. ALOHA! www.kalapanaculturaltours.com is our website.



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