March 04, 2013 Guided Lava

Aloha! We had an awesome tour tonight and were able to safely view the ocean entry and suface flow from a safe area. Once again, we got up close to the surface flows. The sunset was a beautiful one and made the lava even more spectacular. Multiple ocean entry points were visible and some were quite active. The furthest ocean entry that could be seen for many weeks had stalled, but while we were there we had noticed that there was a surface flow above the stalled ocean entry point. As we were about to leave this surface flow started to drip into the ocean and as the minutes passed it got stronger and stronger. There were no surface flows visible up on the Pali, but there was a bright glow coming from the base of the Pali. This is indicative of a surface breakout. There is still some good activity happening. Mahalo for viewing, Aloha!



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