Guided Lava Hike – March 06, 2013

Another awesome night! There was some awesome surface flows that we were able to get up close to safely. While at these surface flows we witnessed multiple breakouts that occurred. A lobe of lava would breakout and flow then harden. This lava would then inflate and a new breakout would occur. The ocean entries are still active, but it seems that a few of the entry points have stalled. We were still able to see a few of the ocean entry points however. Up on the pali, there was a surface flow visible just coming over the horizon of the pali. The weather was nice and the stars were out. We did get a little sprinkle of rain, which we call blessings. Also, a film crew from BBC came out with us to do a segment on lava. Very nice people.  Another beautiful night, Aloha!

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