Guideed Lava Hike – March 11, 2013

Aloha Gang! We had a good tour last night as the wind switched enough for us to conduct our tours. The past two night’s tours were canceled due to the steam plume of the ocean entry being blown into the area where we do the tour. This steam consists of fine glass particles and acid rain. The tours on March 3 had to turn around because of the fumes from the steam plume.

The wind was blowing the steam cloud onto the ocean entry, but we could see the lava hitting the ocean as the wind would sometimes blow the steam enough for a clear view. after viewing this ocean entry we made our way to the surface flow. This surface flow was safe to get close to, which we did. Everyone was happy with being able to see both the surface flow and the ocean entry, although sometimes we are not able to see one or the other. On our way back home, the rain visited us and everyone had a jump start on a shower. Another good night, Aloha!



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