Guided Lava Hike – March 13, 2013

Aloha! Tonight the surface flows were visible and safe to get up close to and the ocean entry was visible as well. The surface flow is a little sluggish, but it was still flowing and safe to get close to. There aren’t as many ocean entry points, but the ones that are flowing are still active. The different surface flows could very well be the reason for the small deflation that we are experiencing. The Kahaualea flow has split into two branches. The northeastern branch is approximately 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o, while the southeastern branch is around Pu’u Kahaualea. Another surface flow is visible from the Kalapana Viewing Area and is just peeking over the Pali east of the abandoned Royal Gardens Subdivision. There is still lava to be seen. Until next time, Aloha!

P.S. We didn’t get any night shots, so here are some shots from a private tour.



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