March 16, 2013 – Guided Lava Hike

Tonight’s tours were awesome! Aloha Folks, we saw some really nice surface flows tonight and of course we also saw the ocean entry. The surface flows were safe to approach and we viewed the ocean entry from a safe point as well.┬áDespite being overcast all day today and raining in some areas, the weather held up tonight and everyone stayed dry. There was a lot of wind however, which was blowing from the Northeast. We call this type of wind “Mountain Winds” because the wind is blowing down from the mountains, which makes the temperature cooler. At the base of the Pali there seemed to be a glow, which would indicate a surface breakout. Up on the Pali, the surface flows that were visible a few days ago were not seen. All in all, a great evening. Aloha!

P.S. Unfortunately no one took out the camera, so we don’t have any pics from tonight.

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