March 18, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Folks! Our tour was a great one as we saw some good surface flows and we saw a good ocean entry. When we got to the tour area, there was a nice surface flow in the same general area as the night before. While we were there we saw multiple breakouts. After hanging here for a while we then went to the ocean entry. We caught glimpses of lava entering the ocean and every once in a while we saw lava flying into air. As we were viewing this certain area a crack was seen forming along the lava bench, and all of a sudden the bench collapsed. This caused a violent reaction as lava was being shot into the air in small explosions. What a sight! Another beautiful night, Aloha.

P.S. someĀ of the pics are blurry because the photographer got excited.

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