March 15, 2013 Guided lava Hike

Stay dry out there. Aloha! Tonight’s tours are canceled due to the flash flood watch and the wind blowing the steam plume from the ocean entry into the tour area. These are very hazardous fumes and NOT good to inhale because of the small glass particles and acid raindrops in the steam. Hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow. Until tomorrow, we hope everyone has a safe evening, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike – March 14, 2013

Aloha! The lava activity is still good as we saw a nice surface flow and the ocean entry. We were able to view both safely. The overall lava activity is good as there are multiple flows coming from Pu’u O’o. One of these flows is feeding the coastal plain flows as well as the ocean entry. Another flow is approximately 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o and has split into 2 branches. One is heading towards the northeast and the other is right around Pu’u Kahaualea. This branching flow is known as the Kahaualea flow.

The surface flow that we got close to had actually broken out a few times and was flowing from a tumulus. As we were on our way to check out the ocean entry, there was another breakout, which caused us to stay a little longer. At the surface flow we were able to view lava that had traveled very far flow into the Pacific Ocean. What an awesome evening. We even saw whales swim by about .25 mi out to sea. Aloha!


Guided Lava Hike – March 13, 2013

Aloha! Tonight the surface flows were visible and safe to get up close to and the ocean entry was visible as well. The surface flow is a little sluggish, but it was still flowing and safe to get close to. There aren’t as many ocean entry points, but the ones that are flowing are still active. The different surface flows could very well be the reason for the small deflation that we are experiencing. The Kahaualea flow has split into two branches. The northeastern branch is approximately 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o, while the southeastern branch is around Pu’u Kahaualea. Another surface flow is visible from the Kalapana Viewing Area and is just peeking over the Pali east of the abandoned Royal Gardens Subdivision. There is still lava to be seen. Until next time, Aloha!

P.S. We didn’t get any night shots, so here are some shots from a private tour.



March 12, 2013 – Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Tonight’s tour was good as we were able to safely view both the ocean entry and surface flow. The wind was blowing better today as it switched back to our normal trade winds. The trade winds blow the fumes away from us and clears our tour area. The past few days we had south winds which were blowing the fumes in and around the area where our tours take place. The ocean entry is still active and adding land to the Big Island, while the surface flows were just as good. We were able to get up close to this surface flow and witness the formation of new land.

Up on the Pali, we were able to see some surface flows just making their way over the crest of the hill. All in all it was a good night as the weather was also good. Goodnight and A Hui Hou!

Guideed Lava Hike – March 11, 2013

Aloha Gang! We had a good tour last night as the wind switched enough for us to conduct our tours. The past two night’s tours were canceled due to the steam plume of the ocean entry being blown into the area where we do the tour. This steam consists of fine glass particles and acid rain. The tours on March 3 had to turn around because of the fumes from the steam plume.

The wind was blowing the steam cloud onto the ocean entry, but we could see the lava hitting the ocean as the wind would sometimes blow the steam enough for a clear view. after viewing this ocean entry we made our way to the surface flow. This surface flow was safe to get close to, which we did. Everyone was happy with being able to see both the surface flow and the ocean entry, although sometimes we are not able to see one or the other. On our way back home, the rain visited us and everyone had a jump start on a shower. Another good night, Aloha!



March 08 & 09, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Gang! Last night’s tours went well as all of our groups were able to safely get up close to the surface flows and view the ocean entry from a safe vantage point. The wind was blowing straight onshore last night, so our groups were able to view the lava without inhaling any of the hazardous plume created when lava hits the ocean. This steam plume contains acid rain droplets and fine lava particles. Not something that we want our guests or guides inhaling.

Tonight’s tours were cancelled because of the wind direction. The wind was blowing all of the steam over and into the area where our tours take place. For safety reasons we had to cancel all of tonight’s tours. This is very unfortunate for those whose last night was tonight, but necessary as safety is a priority for us. Tours may also be cancelled tomorrow depending on the wind and if the steam plume is affecting our tour area. Hope everyone has beautiful evening, Aloha!

March 07, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

More great activity! Aloha. Our night was a great one being that we were able to safely view both the ocean entry and the surface flows. The ocean entry was very active as we saw lava pouring into the sea. Sometimes we would see chunks of lava flying in the air as the violent reaction of 1800 – 2000 degree lava hitting the pacific ocean took place before our eyes. Tutu Pele continues to visit the Kalapana area and also continues to create new land. About three hundred yards higher up we were able to safely get up close to surface flows. While at this surface flow, we witnessed multiple breakouts. The sight of new land flowing and being created was too much for some of our guests as they just sat or stood and stared in wonder. At the top of the Pali, there was a surface flow that is starting to peek over the horizon. Awesome evening, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike – March 06, 2013

Another awesome night! There was some awesome surface flows that we were able to get up close to safely. While at these surface flows we witnessed multiple breakouts that occurred. A lobe of lava would breakout and flow then harden. This lava would then inflate and a new breakout would occur. The ocean entries are still active, but it seems that a few of the entry points have stalled. We were still able to see a few of the ocean entry points however. Up on the pali, there was a surface flow visible just coming over the horizon of the pali. The weather was nice and the stars were out. We did get a little sprinkle of rain, which we call blessings. Also, a film crew from BBC came out with us to do a segment on lava. Very nice people.  Another beautiful night, Aloha!

March 05, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Tonight we were able to get up close to the surface flows safely. The ocean entry was visible and we were able to view it from a safe vantage point. We had nice weather, which made for a great night. The sunset was another beautiful one and the lava activity was great as well. Another beautiful night, Aloha!

March 04, 2013 Guided Lava

Aloha! We had an awesome tour tonight and were able to safely view the ocean entry and suface flow from a safe area. Once again, we got up close to the surface flows. The sunset was a beautiful one and made the lava even more spectacular. Multiple ocean entry points were visible and some were quite active. The furthest ocean entry that could be seen for many weeks had stalled, but while we were there we had noticed that there was a surface flow above the stalled ocean entry point. As we were about to leave this surface flow started to drip into the ocean and as the minutes passed it got stronger and stronger. There were no surface flows visible up on the Pali, but there was a bright glow coming from the base of the Pali. This is indicative of a surface breakout. There is still some good activity happening. Mahalo for viewing, Aloha!