April 02, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

The surface flows have stalled, but the ocean entry is still going. We haven’t seen any surface flows for a few days now, but this could all change as there could be a breakout from the side of the tube system, which would create another surface flow. Until then we are viewing the ocean entry. We are viewing the ocean entry from a safe vantage point as the wind is blowing in our favor by blowing the steam away from us. The steam consists of tiny glass particles and acid rain, which we don’t want any one to inhale. From our tour area we could see the glow coming from Pu’u O’o and from the Kahaualea flow. The Kahaualea flow is about 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o and has split into two branches. This surface flow may be taking pressure from the ocean entry and the flow field. Awesome night, Aloha!

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