Guided Lava Hike-April 08, 2013

Good evening! Tonight’s Guided Lava Hike was a good one as we were able to safely view both the ocean entry and surface flow. The surface flow started sluggish, but eventually inflated enough that there was a big surface flow that was seen by our 5:00 pm tour. At the ocean entry we saw three entry points. The wind was blowing straight onshore, so the steam was being blown at an angle that we were able to see all three clearly as the steam would clear. When this happened we could see glimpses of the lava flowing into the ocean. Up on the Pali, we could see the surface flow that is coming down the hillside and the glow from the Kahaualea flow, which is approximately 3 mi away from Pu’u O’o. Aloha!


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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