Guided Lava Hike April 14, 2013

Aloha Everyone! Our guided lava hike last night was awesome. At first the winds were blowing from the south which we were afraid of, but we were able to view the ocean entry from a clear and safe vantage point. As the steam from the ocean entry cleared, we were able to see lava entering the ocean. What an awesome sight! Even the surface flows were active with multiple breakouts. Before we headed up to the surface flow we had to wait for the winds to switch so as not to inhale any of the fumes. As we got there the winds switched and blew the fumes away from the area we were in. This made for an awesome time viewing the surface flows. There seemed to be an increase in the lava activity, which can be credited to the inflation at Halema’uma’u and Pu’u O’o. Once again we could see the surface flow slowly advancing down the Pali, as well as the glow from the Kahaualea flow and Pu’u O’o. Another awesome night, Aloha

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