Guided Lava Hike-April 15, 2013

Another awesome night! Aloha everyone. Our guided lava hike was great with multiple surface breakouts and an active ocean entry. All of our Lava fanatic guests were extremely happy. Lava on the coastal plains still remain very active at this time due to rapid Inflation at the summit and also rapid deflation also. These fluctuations has played a significant role in the activity at on the coastal plains. Surface breakouts has been pretty steady for the past week and continued to steal the show for our guided LAVA tours at this time. Many different surface flows could be seen and safely approachable. The actual leading edge of the eastern flow has advanced tremendously in the past couple days and may enter the ocean soon. The ocean entry has been active and seems to be entering in multiple areas. 3 entries on the eastern flow and 2 on the southern flow. Beautiful cascading rivers and Lavafalls were seen last night. Up on the Pali the surface flow had advanced slightly and could be seen from our tour area as well as from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area. Awesome lava activity, Aloha!

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