Guided Lava Hike-May 03, 2013

Aloha! Lots of lava activity at the ocean entry and surface flows. Multiple breakouts were visible and we were able to safely get close to them. The surface flows were changing in the time that we spent there and had changed drastically before we left. The ocean entry is very active and has created new black sand beaches. These new black sand beaches are usually next to the Lava Benches/Deltas, which could collapse at any time without warning, making it an unsafe area to be at. The new black sand beach also has a lot of Pele’s hair, which is lava that has been stretched into a hair like form, but it is glass of course and not to be played with.

This flow, which is being called the peace day flow, has been flowing since late November and has stopped twice for a short period of time. Since the flow stopped last in December, the lava has been flowing non-stop till today. Currently, the lava  activity is great. Till next time, Aloha!



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