May 14,2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha folks! Lava continued to be active just above the ocean entry with multiple surfaces flows on the coastal plains and near the ocean entry. A nice river of Lava flowed on the surface and continued to flow over the cliffs on the ┬álava delta next to the ocean’s edge. This incredible lava activity was amazing and spectacular To see. Our tours could get right up to these flows safely. The ocean entry continued to be active in 3 different entry point. The most eastern point was the most active one and the most easiest to view. Nice rivers off lava entered the ocean. Just an amazing night it was. Mahalo for tuning in to our daily blog and stay tune for more. Also you can check us out on Facebook at Kalapana-Cultural Tours on our friend page and also on our buisness page at Kalapana(Guided) Lava Hikes. Mahalo!


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