May 22, 2013

Aloha Folks! We had cancelled our tours yesterday because of the winds, but we did a boat tour that was awesome. The ocean was fairly nice and the ride was smooth. On the way down to the ocean entry we saw many of the landmarks from a different angle which was beautiful. As we came up to the flow we had noticed that a large section of the lava bench had collapsed during the time that we hadn’t gone out. This is what we have been warning about because these bench collapses can happen without warning. The first ocean entry was steamy and we could see the lava pouring into the ocean every once in a while, but the second ocean entry was not as steamy and the lava could be seen much easier. This flow was amazing! We also saw a few surface flows that were flowing down the cliff near the first ocean entry. After viewing the lava, we headed back to the boat harbor and could see the moon making it’s way higher into the sky. What a beautiful night!

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