May 07, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Gang! Our night was great being that we were able to safely get up close to surface flows and view the ocean entry from a safe vantage point. The surface flows were approximately 400 yards from the ocean towards the Pali and was moving really well and advancing. While we were there we witnessed multiple breakouts, which were awesome. The surface flow on the Pali has advanced and could be seen once night fell. The surface flow that broke out last week near the base of the Pali has made it’s way onto the coastal plains, but has stalled a little. Overall lava activity is good. Aloha!

May 06, 2013

Another amazing night! Aloha Folks. We had an awesome guided lava hike being that the activity was great. Both the surface flows and ocean entry were fantastic. We found surface flows about 400 yards above the short lived ocean entry point of last week. There were multiple breakouts that we were able to safely get up close to. While we were there, we saw the changes that occurred as new lava covered older flows. Experiencing the heat that emanates off of the new lava was something that our guests had never experienced, but gained a newfound respect for Pele and what the forces of nature can do. An amazing experience. As for the ocean entry, we viewed this phenomenon from a safe vantage point and were able to see an occasional littoral explosion. All in all, it was a beautiful night. Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-May 05, 2013

Aloha Folks! Tonight we had awesome activity. The surface flows broke out while we were there and we got close to them, while being safe. The heat was amazing and could be felt from 15 feet away. The ocean entry was just as active and could be seen from a safe vantage point as well. Lava is still entering the ocean, but there seems to be a tiny deflation, which can be credited to the breakout near the base of the Pali. This breakout happened two nights ago and the glow could be seen from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area. We could really see it from our tour area on Friday and it was amazing. A stream of lava coming down the Pali. This surface flow has since advanced onto the coastal plains. Higher on the Pali, the surface flow that broke out two weeks ago has also advanced, but is not rushing down the hill. Another successful guided lava hike. Lucky we live Hawaii, Aloha!



Guided Lava Hike-May 03, 2013

Aloha! Lots of lava activity at the ocean entry and surface flows. Multiple breakouts were visible and we were able to safely get close to them. The surface flows were changing in the time that we spent there and had changed drastically before we left. The ocean entry is very active and has created new black sand beaches. These new black sand beaches are usually next to the Lava Benches/Deltas, which could collapse at any time without warning, making it an unsafe area to be at. The new black sand beach also has a lot of Pele’s hair, which is lava that has been stretched into a hair like form, but it is glass of course and not to be played with.

This flow, which is being called the peace day flow, has been flowing since late November and has stopped twice for a short period of time. Since the flow stopped last in December, the lava has been flowing non-stop till today. Currently, the lava  activity is great. Till next time, Aloha!



May 02, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Great activity was seen at both the surface flows and ocean entry. The ocean entry is as strong as ever and is continuing to make the Big Island larger. Multiple breakouts were visible and safely approachable, which makes it possible to feel the heat and hear the crackle of small pieces of lava that jump off of the inflating/stretching surface flow. We were able to view this awesome ever-changing phenomenon which relatively few people have seen. The surface flow on the hillside is slowly advancing and can be viewed from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area. Overall lava activity is great and we had another awesome night, Aloha!

May 01, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha and Happy May Day! We had some great activity and some awesome flows. The surface flows were great and we were able to get up close and personal to multiple breakouts safely. The ocean entry was very active as well and every once in a while we would see a small explosion at the ocean entry. What an awesome sight! The surface flow on the Pali is making it’s way down the hillside and has advanced in the past few weeks. Overall activity now great at both the surface flows and the ocean entry. Until next time, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-April 30, 2013

Aloha! We had some great activity tonight at both the ocean entry and the surface flows. We were able to safely view multiple breakouts. We also got to see the ocean entry, which was really active. At the ocean entry we saw a surface flow cascading down the hill. The far ocean entry was the most active and small explosions could be seen as lava was shot into the air. The weather was very nice and we could see the surface flow advancing down the Pali. Awesome, awesome night. Aloha!