May 30, 2013 Lava Hike Update

Aloha everyone! The ocean entry closest to us continued to be stunning. Lava could be seen flying into the air as littoral explosions would occur every so often. There have been many small bench collapses that has made the Delta  or lava bench smaller. These collapses can be extremely explosive and no one should be on or near the bench area because it could collapse at any time and without warning. We were able to safely get close to surface flows as well.  The surface flow we saw was very close to the ocean entry and allowed us to view both without having to do much more hiking. We saw multiple breakouts that were very active and awesome to see. Not only did we get to see lava up close, but we got to feel the heat, and hear the crackling and popping as the lava made it’s way along the surface. Incredible. Until next time, stay safe, Aloha!


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