June 02, 2013- Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Hope every one is doing well. The activity that we saw tonight was similar to the past two night’s. The surface flow that was near the cliff edge had made it’s way over and down the cliff side. This has created another entry point, but isn’t visible due to the angle of the cliff. The ocean entry points that were visible however, were spectacular. Once again, littoral explosions were seen and also small pieces of the bench were seen falling onto the new sand and being washed away. Surface flows were close by again and safely approachable. As the sun set, we were treated to some awesome colors in the sky as well as being able to see the lava better as darkness fell. On our way home we could see a surface breakout near the base of the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision. Overall activity is great. Aloha and a hui hou!

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