June 11,2013 Guided Lava Tour Adventure

Aloha everyone! Lava continued to flow on the surface and also into the ocean at this time. Minor fluctuations at both summits have made lava viewing to a minimum. At Halemaumau crater, the lava lake had rose and fall pretty significantly in past couple days which made lava activity at a high level still. There was no drop in activity ever since this eruption had started. As for the ocean entry, lava continued to enter two locations. The more eastern entry was the most active and the safest entry point to view. Beautiful lava cascading down into the ocean was seen at the ocean entry. A new formed black sand beach has been forming near the ocean entry which made viewing real cool at this time. Beautiful surface flows could be seen also. Nice rivers of lava continued to spread near the ocean entry. These flows were easy to view. Our guests stood just feet away from the actual flow. This could be you. Come and join us on our next available tour. Hope to see you soon.



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