June 13, 2013 Guided Lava Hike Excursion

Aloha gang! Lava flows were highly active last night. The surface flows was just amazing And very active. The surface flows were centered right above the ocean entry. Beautiful rivers of Lava continued to pour over the cliffs edge and flowed onto the Lava bench located below the existing cliffs edge. Multiple rivers of lava could be seen cascading over the cliffs edge. The surface flows was easy and safe to view up close and personal. We could stand just feet away from huge rivers of Lava. As for the ocean entry, there were three distinct entry points on the most eastern branch of the lava low. All three entry points were just breath taking. It was so awesome, all of ours stayed longer theto the average time because how awesome it was. Come and join us as soon as possible. Lava activity is very high. Aloha and have a great day.

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