June 17, 2013 Guided Lava Adventure

Aloha everyone! What a beautiful Monday afternoon it was. Little sprinkles of rain but turned out to be a magical night. The lava activity in our area was just incredible. Surface flows were everywhere and easily approachable. All over guests were treated to many surface flows in the area. Surface flows have moved significantly in the past day. These surface flows had covered over 100 yards of area in the past 24 hours which was really bizarre. All of our guests were happy to see what they have seen on our tour. As for the ocean entry, Lava continued to flow into the ocean. The far eastern ocean entry was the most active one. But the ocean entry wasn’t as active as the days before. This could beĀ  because of the massive surface activity happening right now. Come and join usĀ because the Lava is hot. MAHALO!


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