June 21,2013 Guided Lava Hike Adventure

Aloha gang! Lava activity has been active but started to slow just a tad because of upper tube breakouts. Surface flows were active but very slow. Small breakouts here and there but very slow. Our guests were happy for what they had witnessed that night. The ocean entry has been the winner. Lava continued to flow in to the ocean at this time. The most eastern entry point was the most active. Cascading rivers of lava and insane explosions was seen that night. All of our guests was happy and satisfied after the tour. The reason why for minimal flows on the coastal plains is because of the upper tube system breakouts. The were a huge breakout on the royal gardens subdivision where the existing tube system is at this time. This breakout could have been the reason why the activity near the ocean entry had slowed down. Come and join soon while the earth is still flowing. Mahalo!

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