June 25, 2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha folks! Our guided lava tours was another success in the books. Just for you to keep in mind, our company will guarantee you active live red hot moving, flowing and ever changing hot lava. If not we will give you your money back and more. Either an ocean entry or surface flow and sometimes both we will promise you to have an experience of a life time.

Surface Lava flows continued to be centered just above the ocean entry and started to creep east of the existing ocean entry at this time. Lava activity has been the same for the the past week. Slight changes because of activity at the summit has been fluctuating often but did not pose any changes on the coastal plains. Lava continued to enter the ocean  steadily but at times elevated. This activity had put on a show for our guests. Come and join our guided Lava Tours now while the lava is flowing. Mahalo!

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