July 6,2013 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! No surface flows but the ocean entry was awesome. Lava continued to flow into the ocean on the most eastern part of the flow field. No huge changes on the coastal plains but at the summit of Kilauea, huge fluctuations was recorded in the last week. The Lava lake had rise and fall dramatically. Ground tilt has played a big factor in the Lava situation. Lava continued to occupy the tube system at this. There was a noticeable fluctuation with the tilt meter in the past 24 hours. This event could be because of massive amount of Lava being distributed back to system or a blockage has been created in the tube system and it just have been cleared. All of these scenarios could have taken place. Surface flows will be visible soon. Come and join us at Kalapana Cultural Tours. Mahalo!

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