July 28, 2013 Kakahiaka Ke ia la Boat Tour

Aloha Gang! This mornings Boat tour was awesome as we were blessed with beautiful weather and calm seas. Our journey down the coast took approximately 35-40 minutes until we arrived at the ocean entry. As we arrived the sun was breaking the horizon, which added to the Beautiful morning. While there we saw multiple breakouts and two surface flows that were making their way down the cliff onto the bench area. The entry points were extremely active as we witnessed lava pouring into the Pacific Ocean and every once in a while we witnessed small bits of lava being thrown upwards as the waves would hit the continuous flow.

Small pieces of lava could also be seen floating near the entry point. This happens because of the gases trapped in the lava as it hardens once it hits the ocean water. These pieces will float around for a short time until water eventually fills the hollow spaces in the  floating rock. All of this we viewed from a safe distance that we could still take great photos from.




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