June 29,2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha gang! The ocean entry had stole the show once again. There was no surface flows because of a recent breakout north of Pu’u O’o vent, which is 10 miles from the ocean entry point. This breakout had reached the forest reserve and started to burn the most eastern part of this reserve. This breakout had taken just about 50% of the Lava supply from Pu’u O’o vent, which is also feeding the ocean entry at this time.

Lava still continued to flow into the ocean strongly. All of our guests were happy and stoked. What a success. Come and join us now while it is still flowing. Aloha!

June 28, 2013 Guided Lava Adventure

Aloha Folks! Surface flows have stopped near the ocean entry, but the ocean entry is continuing to flow. Steaming chucks of lava could be seen floating away as saltwater from the ocean cooled the lava. Pu’u O’o is the source of the lava flows. Lava is traveling down toward the ocean in lava tubes, which insulate the lava keeping it molten. Pu’u O’o is connected to the Kilauea caldera underground by what geologists call magma chambers. Lava tubes are dangerous because lava is underground and cannot be seen. The tube system can have a thin crust of hardened lava covering the traveling lava. When lava is no longer traveling in the tube system the tube becomes hollow and is still dangerous, because people can fall into a now empty space, which can vary in depth. Until next post, Aloha!

June 27,2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha gang! Lava activity had diminished on the coastal plains but continued to be still active. No surface flows at this time, but a breath taking ocean entry continued to be active. The most eastern ocean entry point still remained active and had out on a show for all of our guests. Even though there was no surface activity, the ocean entry was the main attraction. Just to keep in mind, a Lava ocean entry is the most rarest occurrence the world will ever see. This is the ONLY place on earth you can actually see the lava pour into the ocean. And it is very rare also. All of our lava tour guests were just happy for what they had witnessed.

The reason for minimal Lava activity at this time is because a current eruption happening north of Pu’u O’o vent. USGS had reported the Kahaualea breakouts have took 50% of the lava from the tube system and distributed it the that north flow. This flow had started to enter the Kahaualea forest reserve and started to burn part of the most eastern part. A scheduled flight to this flow will give us an idea of how big the activity is at this time. And also we will give you and update of that. Mahalo and stay tuned for more updatas on our guided Lava Tours. Aloha!



June 26, 2013 Lava Hike

Aloha Kakou! We are still able to find surface flows and view the ocean entries on our tours as well as the breakout near the base of the Pali. Surface flows are still safely approachable and we are still able to view the ocean entry from a safe vantage point. Lava continues to flow into the Pacific ocean from Kilauea Volcano, which is the world’s most active volcano. Surface flows were near the ocean entry and we could go to both the surface flows and the ocean entry. There are three main ocean entry points, where the furthest one is unable to be seen. This far ocean entry is around a point and not able to be seen safely. Still good activity to be seen, Aloha!

June 25, 2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha folks! Our guided lava tours was another success in the books. Just for you to keep in mind, our company will guarantee you active live red hot moving, flowing and ever changing hot lava. If not we will give you your money back and more. Either an ocean entry or surface flow and sometimes both we will promise you to have an experience of a life time.

Surface Lava flows continued to be centered just above the ocean entry and started to creep east of the existing ocean entry at this time. Lava activity has been the same for the the past week. Slight changes because of activity at the summit has been fluctuating often but did not pose any changes on the coastal plains. Lava continued to enter the ocean  steadily but at times elevated. This activity had put on a show for our guests. Come and join our guided Lava Tours now while the lava is flowing. Mahalo!

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June 24, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Lava activity is very similar to last night with minimal to no surface flows, but while we were there a surface breakout occurred and we safely got up close to it. This surface breakout was a nice one. The ocean entry is still very active and there are still multiple ocean entry points where lava is continuing to pour into the ocean to create more land. The lava bench is also changing and continuing to collapse and grow as each day passes. What a great night, Aloha!

June 23,2013 Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Lava activity still remained high at this time with multiple breakouts at the ocean entry and just about 25 yards from cliff ocean entry due mauka(mountain side) of the eastern entry point. Our guided lava tours were a success. Our guests were treated to some surface activity and also an incredible ocean entry, which all of our guests were super happy about. Lava continued to spread towards the east on the coastal plains which made hiking a tad shorter. Cascading rivers of Lava continued to create new land right before our eyes. This was just breath taking for our guests and made this experience for our guests a special one. Until next time come and join us on a tour soon. Mahalo!

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