July 31,2013 Guided Lava Tours Update

Aloha everyone! No surface flows at this time but the ocean entry has been really active. We will be anticipating surface flows in the next couple days. Significant inflation at Halema’uma’u crater and Pu’u O’o crater has posed some major fluctuations of activity on the coastal plains. Checkout the graph below provided by The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory(HVO). You also can checkout there website at www.hvo.com.

As for our tours, again it was a successful one for the books. Hiking time was just around 1hour and 30 minutes with viewing time just around 1hour and 15minutes at an average. All of ours guests were super happy. Huge parts of the extended lava bench had collapsed into the ocean with massive explosions of lava followed right after. There were cascading lava rivers entering the ocean.Come and join us while the lava continues to create new land. Aloha!


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