August 03, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha everyone! Lava activity has been at a high right now due to massive inflation at Halema’uma’u crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and also at Pu’u O’o crater. This activity has made lava viewing pretty spectacular at the ocean entry. Lava continued to enter the ocean east of the National Park boundary about 1/2 a mile. The ocean entry was amazing once again. There were 3 visible entry points that our guests easily could view. The most eastern entry point was the most active one of all three. Lava flows continued to put on a show for our guests. There were no surface flows near the ocean but there were active surface flows on the coastal plains. Those flows were almost 2 1/2 miles more than our normal tour. These hikes to those flows is a 71/2 mile round trip hike oppose to our 5 mile hike. These hikes would take a little longer and harder for our guests. Surface flows will spur up near the ocene entry soon due to steady inflation at Kilauea. Stay tune for more updates here at and also on Facebook at Kalapana-Cultural Tours and Kalapana(Guided)Lava Hike. Come and join us soon while the lava is flowing. Aloha!!!!

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