August 06,2013 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha everyone! Our guided Lava Tour was a success once again. The Lava activity have remained at a high level at this time. Our guests were able to get up to some awesome surface activity and also view the ocean entry safely. The tour at this time has gotten longer due to the surface flows at this time. The new breakouts are approximately around 3 and 1/2 miles out on the coastal plains and the ocean entry is also approximately 1 mile away from the surface flows. This roundtrip tour has become a journey of about 7 miles round trip. We at Kalapana Cultural Tours have made a decision to give our guests the most exclusive tour by taking our guests to both ocean entry and surface flows in the same tour. Because it is a hike at this time we urge our guests to be fit and prepared to do the hike. For guests who won’t be able to do the 7 an 1/2 mile round trip to just do the ocean entry hike which is just under 5 miles. We would gladly make the trip memorable. And also to ADD the ocean entry is the most rarest natural phenomenon that ever happens in the world and also this ocean entry is the only ocean entry in the world Too. So it is the most special thing to do in HAWAII.

The surface activity was incredible last night. Huge breakouts of active Lava has made the tour impressive and breath taking. The afternoon sunset with beautiful surface flows made the experience and adventure memorable. Continuing on to the ocean entry, Lava continued to enter the ocean in 3 entry points and all three were amazing. Rivers of Lava entering the ocean continued to amaze our guests. Steady Inflation at the summit has made Lava viewing a must do at this time. Book a Tour now while the Lava is flowing. Aloha!

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