August 14, 2013 Guided Lava Adventure

Aloha! We had an awesome time at the ocean entry. There were two main entry points that were continuously flowing. On the hike towards the ocean entry we saw a big plume of smoke rise into the sky. This is indicative of a bench collapsal. When our groups arrived, our predictions were correct. A portion of the bench was lying in pieces on the newly formed black sand beach as the waves were crashing onto the coastline. The activity had slowed a little since a few nights ago, but was still awesome to see. During our visit at the ocean entry one of our guides found a surface flow that was safe to get  close to. This was a small surface flow, but enough for everyone to safely view up close. With the moon illuminating the surface of the ocean we made our way back home, but we stopped to view the ocean entry once more and then continued home.

Currently the tiltmeter is recording an inflation at both the Kilauea caldera and  at Pu’u O’o and can be viewed on the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Website This minor inflation could possibly cause an increase in activity. Overall it was an awesome night, Aloha!

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