August 16, 2013 Morning Boat Tour & August 15, 2013 Evening Boat Tour

August 16, 2013 Tour

Aloha Friends! Our morning boat tour was great, and the lava activity was awesome. As we arrived at the ocean entry we saw a portion of the bench collapse into the ocean. Right as this occurred lava began to pour into the ocean as this portion of the bench was at the end of the lava tube system. We could then see into the tube system itself and it was amazing. This entry point was the most active, but there was another entry point east of this one, although it was pretty slow and mostly a steady drip. Very good activity. The ride back was a tad bumpy, but we got back safe and sound. Aloha!

August 15, 2013 Tour

Aloha Gang! We saw some amazing lava activity and our guests were very happy with the amount of lava they saw and the amount of time spent at the flow area. We witnessed a small portion of the bench fall into the ocean and saw many entry points. Really good viewing. The journey back to the Harbor was a little bumpy, but Captain Ikaika slowed the boat down in order to make for a slightly longer, but much smoother ride. Another amazing night in Hawaii, Aloha!


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