August 19, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Last night was a beautiful night. The weather was beautiful and so was the lava. The surface flows were active and we were able to safely get close to them. There were multiple breakout points along the leading edge of this surface breakout, which was found by our guide Prince a few days ago. Being that this surface breakout is Pahoehoe lava, it is spreading out and slow flowing, as opposed to A’a which is a channelized flow, causing the lava to flow quickly. Some of these breakouts were very nice and as they broke out the wind began to immediately cool the surface layer. After safely viewing the surface flows, we made our way to the ocean entry. The ocean entry has slowed down slightly, which was most likely caused by the surface breakout stealing some of the pressure from the tube system. Still, the view was beautiful as we could see lava making it’s way into the ocean. A breakout also happened at the crest of the hill above the lava bench area. This flow was making it’s way down the cliff and into the ocean, but at an angle that we couldn’t see it to well from. What a beautiful night, Aloha!

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