August 19,2013 Guided Lava Tours and Lava Boat Update

Guided Lava Tours

Aloha everyone! Surface activity was amazing and all of our guests were able to get up to some impressive surface flows. There was many breakouts for our guests. Lava continued to flow towards the ocean. Surface flows are approximately 1 mile away from the ocean entry. The Hiking distance is about 3 miles each way. It takes about 2 hours each way with our interpretive tour. Come and join us on our tour now while the Lava is flowing.

Lava Boat Tour

Sea’s were 2ft and winds were just around 10-15 knots from the east. The sea’s was perfect for a Lava Boat ride. The round trip boat tour was just around 2 1/2 hours with 40min ride down to the Lava and 45min ride back with viewing time around 30min to 40min of viewing time. Lava continued to flow in to the ocean in 2 distinct entry points. Two medium size rivers of Lava entered the ocean with a huge river poured on to the Lava bench area. Our guests were so happy for what they have seen. Amazing views and breath taking sunset. Book a tour now while the ocean is calm. Aloha!!!




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