August 20, 2013 Guided Lava Tour and Lava Boat Tour

Aloha everyone! Our guided lava tour was amazing once again. The surface flows continued to flow easterly moving approximately 200ft per day on the DI inflation events and a lot less on the DI deflation events. Surface flows continued to create little Lava rivers and oozed out of cracks. The flow field stretched across the existing Lava tube and just about 1/2 mile wide. At the base of the Royal Gardens Pali, Lava flows were vigorous and strong. Huge rivers of lava continued to feed the tube system. Hiking distance is approximately around 6 miles round trip at this time on the high side. All of our guests were extremely happy. Come and join us while the Lava is Hot. Aloha!

Our 4pm boat tour was awesome. The ocean entry was slow but not disappointing. our guests were happy for what they have seen. Lava activity is slowing down at the ocean entry but will pick up in the next couple days. Two distinct rivers were able to be seen. The ocean conditions were perfect for viewing. Variable winds and calm sea’s made ocean goers relaxed and very happy at the end of the trip. Stay tune for more updates. Also you can call our office for immediate updates at (808)936-0456. Mahalo!

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