August 07,2013 Guided Lava Adventure Update

Aloha folks! Steady inflation at Halema’uma’u crater and at Pu’u O’o crater has made activity very high. This is the Fourth day straight of steady inflation. Lava in Halema’uma’u crater had rose to the inner ledge and stabilized just below the inner ledge. This is the highest it ever been since March. Pu’u O’o crater became very active last night. Glow could be seen from the ocean entry, which is approximately 9 miles away. Glow had lit up the sky all night last night. We will be anticipating some incredible flows today.

As for our tours, There was surface activity and also ocean entry activity which was above normal. The surface flows were incredible and amazing. Our guests were treated to some rivers of Lava just feet away. Huge breakouts of surface flows were presented to our groups. We all seen a fast flowing river of molten lava swiftly moving on the coastal plains and flowing over the cliffs edge into the ocean. The ocean entry was also higher then normal. Lava continued to enter the ocean in 2 different area’s. Both area’s were viewable. Join the tour now while the Lava activity high. Mahalo!

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August 06,2013 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha everyone! Our guided Lava Tour was a success once again. The Lava activity have remained at a high level at this time. Our guests were able to get up to some awesome surface activity and also view the ocean entry safely. The tour at this time has gotten longer due to the surface flows at this time. The new breakouts are approximately around 3 and 1/2 miles out on the coastal plains and the ocean entry is also approximately 1 mile away from the surface flows. This roundtrip tour has become a journey of about 7 miles round trip. We at Kalapana Cultural Tours have made a decision to give our guests the most exclusive tour by taking our guests to both ocean entry and surface flows in the same tour. Because it is a hike at this time we urge our guests to be fit and prepared to do the hike. For guests who won’t be able to do the 7 an 1/2 mile round trip to just do the ocean entry hike which is just under 5 miles. We would gladly make the trip memorable. And also to ADD the ocean entry is the most rarest natural phenomenon that ever happens in the world and also this ocean entry is the only ocean entry in the world Too. So it is the most special thing to do in HAWAII.

The surface activity was incredible last night. Huge breakouts of active Lava has made the tour impressive and breath taking. The afternoon sunset with beautiful surface flows made the experience and adventure memorable. Continuing on to the ocean entry, Lava continued to enter the ocean in 3 entry points and all three were amazing. Rivers of Lava entering the ocean continued to amaze our guests. Steady Inflation at the summit has made Lava viewing a must do at this time. Book a Tour now while the Lava is flowing. Aloha!

August 05, 2013 Guided Lava Adventure

Aloha! The lava activity has picked up and this can be attributed to the ongoing inflation of the past few days. Our groups were able to safely approach surface flows, which were a bit further than they have been recently. Multiple surface breakouts occurred in the time we were there. To see these flows adds on another 1 1/2 mi to the total roundtrip hike. At the ocean entry, the lava activity has also picked up and a portion of the bench had fallen in earlier in the day and was witnessed by our morning tour that had gone out at 8:00 am. By the evening a new piece of the bench had already been added to the existing Delta. The ocean entry was visible from a safe distance and was awesome to see. Now is a good time to join our tour and experience this for yourself, Aloha!

August 4,2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha gang! Lava activity continued to be a high level at this time. There were some surface activity but the hike to it remains pretty long at this time. To view the surface flow that would contain only very good experienced hikers. The ocean entry continued to be pretty active also. There were two entry points last night. The most eastern entry point was the strongest and the most closest one to the viewing area. The hiking distance to the ocean entry remains just under 5 miles and the hiking distance to the surface flows are around 7 1/2 miles round trip. We are anticipating that the surface flows will move closer to the ocean entry soon. Well hope to see you on our tour soon. Aloha!


August 03, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha everyone! Lava activity has been at a high right now due to massive inflation at Halema’uma’u crater in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and also at Pu’u O’o crater. This activity has made lava viewing pretty spectacular at the ocean entry. Lava continued to enter the ocean east of the National Park boundary about 1/2 a mile. The ocean entry was amazing once again. There were 3 visible entry points that our guests easily could view. The most eastern entry point was the most active one of all three. Lava flows continued to put on a show for our guests. There were no surface flows near the ocean but there were active surface flows on the coastal plains. Those flows were almost 2 1/2 miles more than our normal tour. These hikes to those flows is a 71/2 mile round trip hike oppose to our 5 mile hike. These hikes would take a little longer and harder for our guests. Surface flows will spur up near the ocene entry soon due to steady inflation at Kilauea. Stay tune for more updates here at and also on Facebook at Kalapana-Cultural Tours and Kalapana(Guided)Lava Hike. Come and join us soon while the lava is flowing. Aloha!!!!

August 02, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Tonight was an awesome night and the sunset was beautiful. The ocean entry was very active, but the surface flows have stalled, however there is an inflation going on at the summit and Pu’u O’o. For more information on DI events you can check out the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory website. This inflation may cause a surface flow to break out where we have been seeing them lately. Another awesome night with very happy guests, Aloha!

August 01, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! We had an awesome tour tonight. Our groups were able to safely view both the surface flows and the ocean entry. The ocean entry was very active and we witnessed lava flowing into the ocean as the seawater continued to cover the molten lava, but like always the lava continues to flow as if nothing happened. A breakout happened near the cliff-side and lava flowed down the face of the cliff into the ocean. What an awesome view! At the surface flows our groups once again safely got up close enough to hear, see, and feel the heat emanating from the lava making itʻs way along the surface. Another night with very happy guests, Aloha!

July 31,2013 Guided Lava Tours Update

Aloha everyone! No surface flows at this time but the ocean entry has been really active. We will be anticipating surface flows in the next couple days. Significant inflation at Halema’uma’u crater and Pu’u O’o crater has posed some major fluctuations of activity on the coastal plains. Checkout the graph below provided by The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory(HVO). You also can checkout there website at

As for our tours, again it was a successful one for the books. Hiking time was just around 1hour and 30 minutes with viewing time just around 1hour and 15minutes at an average. All of ours guests were super happy. Huge parts of the extended lava bench had collapsed into the ocean with massive explosions of lava followed right after. There were cascading lava rivers entering the ocean.Come and join us while the lava continues to create new land. Aloha!