September 16,2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha gang! Lava flows on the Pulama Pali still remain active through this 24 hour period. There are more breakouts than last nights observation. Lava continued to enter in the Peace Day Lava Tube system. HVO reports that the peace day flow is inactive. Here in Kalapana, the Peace day flow still remains active at this time. Couple of our guides did a morning scout mission on the coastal plains and reported that earlier in the day there was a surface flow breakout in the area of the previous surface flows a couple weeks ago. This could also indicate the tube system is still filled with Lava the pressure is at a minimum. We will be doing a scout mission to those flows on the Pulama Pali and get a better idea on the strength of the flow and also see if it is worth taking tours to. We are will be recording the distance and time of the hike and also are doing an aerial scouting mission to get a better perspective of the flow activity. Stay tuned for more updates this week. Mahalo!

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