September 23, 2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone! Just would like to start by saying “wow”. Lava activity was phenomenal. A lot of flows were be witnessed on our tours. We had an early morning tour which departed at 6am in the morning. The hike was amazing. Watching the sun rise was also a treat for our guests. The hike was around 4 miles each way with a elevation climb of just about 1400 feet. The flows this morning was awesome. We were able to get up to a good size river of lava flowing over a hill which was impressive. There were many breakouts for our guests. Small breakouts to 12 feet shelves breaking out on to a older and cooled Pahoehoe surface. Our guests were extremely happy.

Our second tour that departed at 2pm also was able to view some impressive flows. This tour stayed until just before darkness which was cool. They were also stoked and happy for what they have witnessed. The hike remained the same at just about 4 miles each way with an elevation climb of 1400 feet. This tour that we are offering at this time is the most breath taking we have ever offered. The views from that elevation is the most breath taking in our district. The only way to experience views of the whole Kalapana area, which was once populated by native Hawaiian families which was displaced by the lava, is to hike this trek and view it with one of our native Hawaiian guides. Come and join us now while the Lava is flowing. Aloha!

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