October 06, 2013 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha Gang! We will be resuming tours soon as the lava activity is picking up since the stalling out due to the major deflation last week. Breakouts are visible on the Pali and are approximately in the same area that we were touring to last week. We will be booking tours tentatively for tomorrow.

For more information contact us at 808-936-0456. Stay tuned for more updates. Aloha and A Hui Hou!

October 1st, 2013 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha! This mornings tour was able to see lava, but it has slowed down tremendously since the past few nights. The morning tour was treated to an a’a flow, which was a little sluggish, but the guests were very pleased and excited with the activity that they did see. The slow down in activity is caused by the ongoing deflation at the summit of Kilauea and the Pu’u O’o vent.

Due to the lava conditions slowing down tremendously tours have been cancelled, but we will be keeping an eye on the activity and may resume within a few days. Aloha!


September 30, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! The lava activity has slowed slightly, but we were still able to view lava. As the sun set the colors of the lava really began to pop out. The flow slowing down can be credited to the deflation recorded by the tilt meter at Kilauea summit and the Pu’u O’o vent. This flow is still considered to be the Peace Day flow, which stalled on the coastal plains and stopped flowing into the ocean. Our guests had a great time with what they saw. Another beautiful evening.

Pics will be posted soon

September 29, 2013 Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Gang! Lava activity was good and there were multiple breakouts that we viewed. The flows that we are seeing are a’a flows, which is one of the two types of lava. During the time at the active lava there were two main breakouts with a few scattered flows in the immediate area. This hike is an Extreme hike and not recommended for beginner hikers. All in all this was a great evening, Aloha!