Lava Tour Update

Aloha!  The active lava in Hawaii is currently flowing in an area that is CLOSED due to LETHAL CONDITIONS; therefore there are no lava tours offered at this time. (We conduct whale watching coastal boat tours to secret waterfalls so please call 808-936-0456 for more information). We understand that Hawaiiʻs visitors put significant trust in tour guiding companies and assure you that our guestʻs safety is our number one priority. Please be aware that if there are ANY companies or individuals offering tours to the active lava flow at this time that they are ILLEGALLY trespassing, lethal, indefinitely, closed area where no hiking permits are given.   Contact Hawaiiʻs Department of Land and Natural Resources ( who will assure you that nobody is allowed access into this area.

Be assured that as soon as the lava is in a safely accessible and legal area, an update will be posted on this blog and Kalapana Cultural Tours will continue operating lava tours. Until then, we will respect that the Volcano Goddess is taking a rest. We welcome any questions on lava conditions or if you would like to book a Hidden Waterfalls/Whale Watching boat tour: Call (808) 936-0456 open daily 9AM -5PM or email us at


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