Whale Watching and Waterfall Tour February 03, 2014

Aloha Folks! Todays tour was awesome as we were able to see the waterfalls clearly. The weather was overcast and the ocean was calm, which made for a smooth and enjoyable ride. During this tour we witnessed an unbelievable sight as we saw Dolphins and Whales swimming next to each other. This was amazing and is another one of those things that make you feel insignificant. What a treat to be able to see these two majestic species swimming together. We spent more time finding whales and from a safe distanced we viewed many breaches, tail-flukes, tail and fin slapping. Not only are there adult Humpback whales, but we also saw the ever-playful baby Humpback whales, whose mothers are always nearby. What an amazing day. If that wasn’t enough, we even saw Manta Rays. Great Times. Until next time, Aloha!