December 17, 2016 Lava Boat, Lava Hike Lava Bike and Hike, Lava Tour update

Aloha! Our Boat Tour was canceled yesterday due to the strong southerly winds along with our Lava Hike and Lava Bike and Hike Tours. The unusually strong southerly winds creates a rough ride down to the flow, which is not normal. The usual trade winds blow from the east/northeast,so the ride down to the flow would be following seas and smooth. Our captain made the call to cancel due to decreased comfortability during transit. Boat Tours are canceled until Monday morning and will be tentative for Monday evening.

The lava hike, and lava bike and hike were also canceled due to the strong south winds, which blows the plume from the ocean entry directly over the Lava viewing area. This steam cloud consists of sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and small lava particles, which are not good to inhale. The county had shut down the access point to the viewing area for the safety of visitors. For the safety of our guests and guides, our tours were also canceled.

For information on tours or to book a tour call 808-345-4964 or visit Aloha Everyone!


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