January 2, 2017 Lava Boat Tours

Aloha! Happy New Year to everyone. We have resumed our Lava Boat Tours and had three tours today. Many of you may have heard that the Delta (bench) area has collapsed on New Years Eve starting from the afternoon. The total amount of land that has collapsed is approximately 26 acres. This includes the entire bench and some of the older cliff line as well as a portion of the Lava Viewing Area. Luckily the Volcanoes National Park rangers were able to evacuate everyone in time to avoid any injuries or anything more severe. Most of the collapsal happened in approximately a 6 hr period.

Ocean conditions are pretty fair and the lava activity is amazing. The main lava tube is now exposed and during this morning’s 5 am trip, we were able to see lava POURING into the ocean as well as massive littoral explosions. Lava was being thrown over 100 ft into the sky and also back onto the cliff. On our 8 am trip we saw the lava still pouring out of the tube as well as the littoral explosions still throwing lava high into the sky.

Our last trip saw the lava pouring out of the tube starting to “tube up” and create another bench area. The littoral explosions weren’t happening as often, but the lava exiting the tube was still coming out at a high speed.

Now is a great time to view this phenomenon. Book your chance at www.kalapanaculturaltours.com or call us at 808-345-4964 Aloha!image

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